Into the Heart of the Island 3 days


Day One: We will leave Ushuaia to go East by the Beagle Channel for one of our most active regular tours available in Tierra del Fuego. The are we will visit is far away from the tourist-crowded areas. During this first part of the day we'll take you for a ride in a minibus, and canoe down a river to get into the Beagle Channel, head towards the East and, with the help of the wind, approach Harberton Ranch by sea! Once there, we’ll navigate and run the boat aground on an island to be close to the penguins. Later on, we’ll go for a walk for and to make discoveries in one of the roughest and most beautiful places in the Beagle Channel. On our way back, we’ll change vehicles.

The second part of the day takes you over the Andes Range, into the forest by Lake Fagnano during the afternoon. We spend the night at our refuge by this 100 km long lake after a relaxed dinner by the fire and a magnificent view.

Day two: We leave our refuge and, in our 4x4, we head towards lake Fagnano’s Northern shore passing by Tolhuin. During our approach into the Heart of the Island we’ll see how the vegetation and the geography changes and gets even wilder. We’ll have lunch at the top of Cerro Cabras. Although it is not a very high mount, it is steep enough to make the views from up there look incredible: lowlands, swampy prairies, beaver dams, lakes and lagoons, horizon and mountains... A proper lookout. As soon as we descend, we leave to estancia La Fueguina, where we'll go for a hike before spending the night at the Estancia La Fueguina's "Río Yrigoyen outpost"

Day Three: We go for a long vehicle ride towards the Atlantic shore of Tierra del Fuego. This will be mostly a car ride to get to Cabo San Pablo and to see the Desdemona, a shipwreck on the coast that is accessible by foot! This area offers some beautiful scenery of the Fuegian steppe. We will walk and explore in a 4x4 the area with which we have fallen in love! Afterwards, we will get back in Ushuaia around 6 PM.


    08:00 Departure from Ushuaia
    10:00 Arrival to Lashifashaj river bank and canoe prompting
    10:30 Start of canoeing down the river and on the Beagle Channel.
    12:00 Arrival to Harberton Ranch.
    12:30 Navigation on a motor boat to visit the penguin island.
    13:30 Lunch
    14:30 Hike along the Beagle Channel shore.
    16:30 Snack.
    17:00 Rendez vous with our land vehicle to get to Fagnano lake.
    18:30 Arrival to our refuge at Fagnano lake.
    20:30 Dinner

    Day 2

    08:00 Breakfast
    09:00 Departure towards the Heart of the Island
    11:30 Arrival to Yehuin lake. Camping.
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Hike towards the summit of Mount Cabras
    15:30 Summit at Mount Cabras
    17:00 Snack.
    18:00 Heading to Tolhuin to spend the night or camping.
    20:30 Dinner

    Day 3

    08:30 Breakfast.
    11:00 Arrival to Cabo San Pablo.
    11:00 Trekking along the coast and climb to Cabo San Pablo.
    12:00 Arrival to Desdemona.
    13:00 Lunch.
    15:30 We start the return to Ushuaia.
    18:00 Return to Ushuaia.

    * Walks can be extended in accordance with the wishes of the passengers.


All meals and drinks included, along with canoeing gear (wellington boots, overpants, life jackets), navigations, transportations and specialised, English-speaking guides.