Into the Heart of the Island 2 days


Day 1: We will leave Ushuaia to go East by the Beagle Channel on one of most active tours available in Tierra del Fuego. In an area far away from the tourist-crowded areas, during this first part of the day we'll take canoeing down a river to get into the Beagle Channel, head towards the East and, with the help of the wind, approach Harberton Ranch by sea!

Once there, we’ll navigate see penguins on an island. Later on, we’ll go for a walk for and to make discoveries in one of the roughest and most beautiful places in the Beagle Channel. On our way back, we’ll change vehicles.

The second part of the day takes us beyond the Andes into the woods, and by the lake Fagnano. Overnight at our shelter located on the shores of this lake of 100 km in length after a relaxing dinner by the fire and a magnificent view.

Day 2: We leave towards Lake Yehuin, behind the north bank of Lake Fagnano. After visiting Tolhuin we enter an area of environmental change: the steppe begins to be seen within the subantarctic forest. In the area of "estancias", we will see many birds and guanacos in our 3 hour journey into the Provincial Park Heart of the Island

We will have lunch near the headwaters of the Rio Indio. In the afternoon, we ascend the Mount Cabrasa on a rough walk for nearly 4 hours to spot an intact and infinite landscape: fords, bogs, beaver ponds, lakes, and mountains horizon.

After the descent, we return to Ushuaia towards the end of the afternoon.


    8:00/8:40 Pick up at hotels and departure from Ushuaia
    08:45 Travel through glacial valleys, forest, Route 3 & "J"
    10:30 Technical and safety talk. Canoeing down river Lashifashaj and on the Beagle Channel.
    12:30 End of Canoeing at Estancia Harberton.
    13:00 Navigation to Pinguinera at Martillo Island.
    13:20 Penguin watching. Navigation to Gable Island.
    13:45 Arrival at Isla Gable, lunch.
    14:30 Hike at Gable Island.
    16:00 Navigation and vehicle swap to go to Lake Fagnano.
    18:30 Arrival to our shelter at Lake Fagnano.
    20:30 Dinner

    Day 2

    08:00 Breakfast.
    09:00 Departure to the Heart of the Island
    11:30 Arrival at Lake Yehuin
    12:30 Lunch
    13:30 Start of hike to Cerro Cabras
    15:30 Summit of Cerro Cabras
    17:00 Return to the vehicle. Snack.
    19:00 Arrival in Ushuaia.


Transportation: Minibus. Up to 16 passengers. + Land Rover Defender for up to 8 passengers.

Guide: Spanish-English guides. Ask for other languages.