Turquoise Lagoon & Carbajal Mt


A day's hike at one of the most beautiful places in Ushuaia, in a journey of discovery far from the beaten path.

After a few minutes transfer to the Tierra Mayor Valley, we will begin trekking to see the wonderful color of a glacial lake before reaching a summit with a privileged view.

The walk begins with a demanding slope. After an hour's walk, the forest is behind, the slope is not as steep, and we begin to enjoy incredible views from the top.

After we reached 500 meters, the valley moderates leads to the tiny Turquoise Lagoon that, after a snowy winter may still be frozen at the beginning of October.

After admiring the curious color of the turquoise lagoon, we will continue to gain altitude along a rocky ridge, and reach the summit of Mount Carbajal, from where we can see the namesake valley from an ideal perspective. From this point of view, it is easy to see the trace of the route that 10,000 years ago the glaciers made towards the Beagle Channel, during the last glaciation that shaped this unique landscape.


    09:00 Pickup by the hotel
    09:30 Trekking start. Difficulty: Moderate - High
    10:30 Arrival to the treeline 500 mtsnm
    11:00 Turquoise Lagoon - 660 mtsnm
    13:00 Monte Carbajal Summit - Lunch - 735 mtsnm
    14:00 Descent
    16:00 Arrival to the vehicle
    16:30 Arrival to the hotel


Vegetarian sandwich (cheese, tomato, lettuce, egg, carrot, avocado, assorted seeds, mayonnaise)

Fruit (apple, banana) Brownie, Candies.

Coeliacs: Please let us know in advance.