Horse Riding


A horseback ride between the Beagle Canal and Monte Susana.
As we cross an accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris, called a morain and we go higher and higher to find panoramic views of Ushuaia’s city and its peninsula, at the Beagle Channel, just in front the Bridges islands.

Across the lush vegetation of this subantarctic forest, we can admire various species of trees, shrubs, and birds found there.
When we arrive to the shore of the Beagle Channel, we’ll find the massive Navarino and Hoste islands.
On our way back along the shore we would find shell deposits named “concheros”, the remains of an ancient nomadic culture: the Yamana.
Before we return to the starting point, we’ll go along the Pipo river for later crossing it and so end this unforgettable adventure.


    Transfer from the hotel to the start point a ride for 2 or 4 hours.
    Beginning around 10 AM or 3 PM


Soft-drinks, bottled water


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