Emerald Lagoon & Meet the Beavers


From October to April:

A great opportunity to discover the amazing colour of the Emerald Lagoon and the habits and behavior of these introduced rodents.

We begin with the walk to the lake in the afternoon, to return at the time of day when the beavers usually leave their burrows.

At 3.30 PM we arrive to the starting point for an easy hike towards the Emerald lagoon.

This is an excursion for those who enjoy being outdoors as the night takes a long time to arrive with its changing colors.


    14:30 Departure from our office at 136 Roca St.
    15:30 Arrival at Tierra Mayor Valley
    16:15 Hike to Laguna Esmeralda
    17:45 Arrival Laguna Esmeralda
    19:00 Arrival to the beaver dams area.
    19:15 Beaver encounter!
    20:00 Dinner
    22:00 Back at the hotel


Nibbles, Lentil Stew. Dessert. Drinks included: Red Wine, Soft drinks, Bottled Water.

Vegetarians and coeliacs: menus available by reservation.


Transportation: Minibus.

Guide: Spanish-English. Please ask for services available in other languages.


Children from 4 to 11 years: 30% discount. The regular tour does not carry children under age 4.

We offer private services for families with young children.