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  • We are Canal, an unconventional tour agent in Tierra del Fuego.
    We operate tours in small groups.
    This approach allows us to focus our attention on the quality of service and on the experience our passengers have during our tours.
    Our passion for nature and respect for our earth are our guides.
    This love and respect unites all in Canal and we make it show in our daily commitment to the implementation of the best environmental management guidelines within our reach.
    We seek tools and technologies that, in accordance to the legislation, encourage the prevention of pollution and contribute to a continuous improvement of our daily processes.

    Our goals are:
    To promote the classification of waste for recycling and responsible management in accordance with the guidelines of our town.
    Save power with technologies that reduce consumption.
    Reduce the use of plastic in our tours.
    Reduce the use of paper in our offices and excursions.
    Encourage the reuse of paper and avoid as much as possible unnecessary printing of electronic documents.
    Finding inputs greater energy efficiency and, as far as possible, produced under environmental quality standards.
    Create awareness among tourists about issues related to the care environment in each place we visited.
    Reduce the environmental impact of our tours and contain invasive practices of natural environments.
    To promote environmental awareness and responsibility among directors, coordinators, guides, drivers, aides, clerks and mechanics who are part of Canal to keep in mind the environmental component of our management processes.
    To implement these guidelines with human and financial resources.
    Canal seek to ensure the preservation of the landscape in which we live and in which we have grown so that future generations can enjoy it as we do.

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    Run by hip young guys, these popular all-day outings include hiking and kayaking in Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego, off-roading around Lago Fagnano, and a multisport outing around Estancia Harberton that includes kayaking and a visit to the penguin colony."

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    ““Lugares“ Award in the category “Activities“ (excursions and programs that promote routes and destinations)”

    On this occasion, the awards covered seven categories which include the institutions and the people who work on and for the tourism in Argentina, and collaborate to improve the overall activity and, in particular, the destination where they are located.

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    “A blog by an American writer/journalist living in Buenos Aires”

    ... The next day, we awoke early (to snow! in summer!) to go on a trek and canoe trip in Tierra del Fuego National Park, which I would highly recommend.

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