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  • Welcome to Ushuaia.
    Welcome to Canal Fun & Nature.

    We invite you to go around Tierra del Fuego, to admire its magnificent views, to stroll along beautiful paths and to learn the stories of those who have chosen to live in this unique place that is just a 1000 km away from Antarctica.

    Canal Fun proposes a series of tour around Ushuaia in which to discover its overwhelming natural beauty, and also to consider man’s relationship with nature.

  • Ushuaia lives between the Andes and the Beagle Channel, within a wilderness providing plenty of superb views.

    Ushuaia’s main feature is its isolation: it is the southernmost city in the World and that makes it even more unique. It took white men three and a half centuries from the time the first European came through the region finally to settle here.

    The first attempt to populate this place during the past century was a prison, which became the centre around which Ushuaia revolved during the following 50 years. During the 1970’s, the growth of the city was favoured by a law passed to promote industry, thus turning Ushuaia from a little village with some 5 000 inhabitants into what nowadays is a city of over 70 000.

  • Ushuaia offers the most varied services. Regarding food, we have 47 restaurants, with specialties ranging from spider crab, seafood or black hake to Patagonian (or "fueguino") lamb (the complete list is really long). For those enjoying gambling, Ushuaia has 6 casinos. And if you run short of money due to the roulette, Black Jack or some overshopping in souvenirs and regional crafts, you will find quite a number of ATMs. Bear in mind that Ushuaia is also the gate to Antarctica, the While Continent. We have information on this subject, which we will be happy to provide on request. As you can see, this city has everything you may need so that your days in the End of the World are really unforgettable. The only thing we need now is to know your flight number.

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