Tailor-Made Trips


Canal Fun & Nature stands for its name, and proposes trips involving geography, biology, history and photography.

A Tailor Made Trip is an exclusive service, that allows a wide range of customization so you can modify itineraries and combine almost all our tours and activities.

We’ll bring along our expertise, service and our attention to detail so that you experience this special place in an unique manner that meets your expectations.

The trips we can organize together may have a duration of 4 to 8 hours, and are ideal for those who want to ensure their experience is as imagined.

These programs can start in the morning, at noon or in the afternoon.


    We can start very early in the morning, or we can plan to enjoy a sunset in Ushuaia -those are definitely surprising, or we can organize that you enjoy a meal in an unexpected, beautiful place.

    For keen hikers, off-road buffs, kayak enthusiasts, fans of penguins and other birds, we serve, above all, world class quality.